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NVS Group was established in the year 1993 by a well qualified, creative talent, dynamic group who have successfully served and experienced in the field of Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering for many years with various institutions and organizations. The group was registered in Istanbul as a limited liability company with three partners that specialized in the areas of construction, mechanical contracting, manufacturing and building materials as the major activities.

The company have a large-scale capital and employment in their field. As the companies around the world, the company provides quality and solution focused services, both on domestic and external markets, on the construction sector which is the leading sector in Turkey.

In addition, the group activities that exist within the group are;

  • Construction of the production of mold and scaffolding systems
  • Water and waste water treatment systems
  • Automatic control systems
  • Alternative energy systems
  • Mechanical electrical systems



With the impact of information technology development in the 21st. Century;

The cities, industrial plants and companies are experiencing a major transformation and restructuring moves. Devolopment of the cities and the emerging requirements of the business and social life, needs further investments in diverse and creative concepts.

These growing large-scale costruction activities needs to be handled in accordance with the needs for technological toolsa and requirements for buildin materials, as well as social, cultural and environmental aspects that requires more efficent ways.

Consisting of this new conditions, returns mandatory for the companies such as the cities that gives importance to knowledge and creativity to provide services mainly in the total quality, for which the current accepted standarts on the world.

NVS Group, was anticipated for a longtime period and complated perparations to take place for to be a power in the new economy from the year 2003 to this days and has been complated all the projects quickly that effectively participated, troubluless and succesfully and has been recognized in the industry as being a leading mechanical contractor group.

At our website;

We placed detailed and updated information on our company and areas where we have activities and additionally various documents that we have prepared with regards to ongoing projects. In products page, please find electronic catalogues that you may need about various products and materials that are big and small sized constituting our product range.

Thanks to application that we call “NVS Support” by means of which you may forward any kinds of questions, problems or requests of yours to our system advisors. Our system advisors have already taken their place in front of their computers in order to help you in technical aspects that you may need.

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