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    NVS GRUP Energy

Clean energy has become the most important factor of globalising world. Underground sources are considered to be exhausted since they have a certain limit. Since our R&D department realized this situation, contact with various foreign companies was established and our meetings started. As a result of these meetings, we made our first agreement with MSF-Vathauer Company.

    Our Aims;

Our aim is to make certain agreements with other companies that we negotiate and to leap forward for the future of our world and to ensure that alternative energy resources replace main energy resources.

    As alternative energy resources, we offer the following application:

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Bio
  • Waste water treatment and recycling
  • Heating and cooling (Soil and water based)

    We have realized many of these energy applications under the title of NVS Group.

    We- as the company- have gathered under NVS GROUP Energy in order to make further developments in the technical field with the support of our experience resulting from these alternative energy applications.